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DIY Distribution

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot about the changing landscape of independent film (and music), rx and I want to explore what I’ve been thinking more deeply.  SXSW was an intense immersion into the world of people who have really been doing this with varying levels of success, more about but as soon as I got back from Austin I was dumped into round-the-clock dailies on the new movie and didn’t get a chance to process what I heard as thoroughly as I would have liked.  So, viagra having spent the weekend hearing different perspectives on the same problem, I’m planning a series of posts on the talks I heard.  These will probably take the form of loose ramblings, but I think writing out my notes in a more stream of thought manner might help me figure out what I think about all of this.  Stay tuned…

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It’s about time.

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Well, prostate one day after the Los Angeles Film Festival DIY distribution and marketing symposium, stuff three months after SXSW, and years after you’d think I would have done so, I’m finally setting up a blog.  This isn’t the first blog I’ve had.  In another lifetime when learning php/MySQL programming seemed like a good idea, I rolled my own blog and CMS.  But we see how well that’s worked out.  So here I am with WordPress looking to engage with filmmakers, movie lovers, and hopefully really interesting people who don’t necessarily have any interests in those things whatsoever.  I’ll probably be writing about fiction, music, and photography, but I think the fun is in not really knowing what will end up here.  My goal is to do some thinking out loud about the things I’m thinking about quietly and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process.  So speak up if you’re out there, and I’ll try to give you something interesting to talk about.

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